Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday prank!

soon after the GENDER's class was finished, Din told me to walk with him. we incessantly talked and we sat nearby the beauty lake and nobody were there. At first, i tot he wanna raped me. LOL. but it wasn't.his soul was actually raped me.

then, 1, 2, 3....more monsters came and they threw away the yucky thingy on me and singing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ohmygod, soon i heard that song and my body was totally wet, i screamed out loud. ohmygod. that was so unpredictable. guys, you are so JAMESBOND. My body smelt like eggs and so on. i don't know what potion were they made.

Courtesy of BigDin, Iekah (roommate), Afif, Steffy, Luqman, Yahya and Azie for this pranked! you really got me yaaa...i won't forget this amazing moment and have i told you that i love you guys damn much. teehee :)
Thank you. I'm truly uber beyond happy. You guys just made my day!

*p/s: my actual birthday is on Feb 4. i need gifts! heehee :D


iekah said...


cute gila nama tu wey.

Anak Kampung said...

aiyak aiyak aiyak...

ieqa said...

worr SERONOK tu! hehehh

happy birthday in advance kak!
may Allah bless you always :)<3

zahra. said...

haha. i call you monster then. heehee :)

aaaa aaaaa.... :O

thank you sissy!