Monday, January 31, 2011


You know that feeling when you feel like everything just isn’t what it was. You realize you’re growing up, and so is everyone around you. People change, some for the better, some for the worst. You feel friendships leaving. You don’t talk to your best girl friend from secondary school and college anymore. and she even don't care about you. Now you sit here and wonder if anyone is even there for you anymore. Then you realize. I am all alone. ahh..somehow, this feeling really haunt me.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday prank!

soon after the GENDER's class was finished, Din told me to walk with him. we incessantly talked and we sat nearby the beauty lake and nobody were there. At first, i tot he wanna raped me. LOL. but it wasn't.his soul was actually raped me.

then, 1, 2, 3....more monsters came and they threw away the yucky thingy on me and singing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ohmygod, soon i heard that song and my body was totally wet, i screamed out loud. ohmygod. that was so unpredictable. guys, you are so JAMESBOND. My body smelt like eggs and so on. i don't know what potion were they made.

Courtesy of BigDin, Iekah (roommate), Afif, Steffy, Luqman, Yahya and Azie for this pranked! you really got me yaaa...i won't forget this amazing moment and have i told you that i love you guys damn much. teehee :)
Thank you. I'm truly uber beyond happy. You guys just made my day!

*p/s: my actual birthday is on Feb 4. i need gifts! heehee :D

Friday, January 28, 2011


you drove like a drunk. so you'd better stop driving. or i will revoke your license. okay. i need someone to say this to me. or else, I'll drive like a REAL DRUNK baby!

and and and.

i feel like kicking someone ASS. ohmy, why you guys updating " we'll back home", "home sweet home"!! i know you guys eagerly lift off and left this hell-messy-place. but so just let you know, lots of beauty people will stranded here. and I'm one of those beauty people baby! Be vigilant peeps. 

ahhh..okayyyy! for those who going back home, have a safe journey even tho i hate you guys so much. bye!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


after about a month.
here-and-there i've been through.
and finally i can make my own schedule.
oh, i feel so fucked up.
why it took such a long time to know about the appeals.
i'm really tired of waiting.
this is out of topic. but i've been curious about one thing.
i've been thinking like Einstein lately.
how people know the expired date of some foods? how did they know about all these?about the duration and so on.

errrr...just so let you know, i heart foods so much!

Monday, January 24, 2011

ex gratia.

some people wanna live longer.
and some wanna die sooner.

and you?

Friday, January 21, 2011



there are so much funny things about human.
the one who always make a stupid jokes and you laugh.
and the worst case of joke ever, you never laugh and you don't even think it's kinda amusing.
that is totally sad when you are the only one who blinking alone. LOL.

i'd have noticed since last year when my BM's teacher requested to be a friend on FB.
and until now i haven't approved him yet. and most probably i won't approve him.
i don't even hate him. but i found out he kinds of pffftttt....!
okay, enough for that and no wonder i got B3 for my BM. 
Thank you. but i love your single words. you such a talented teacher and your lexis far too high.
that's the reason i always skipped your class. because i don't know what are you talking about.

and last semester, OMFG, i met lectures which is considering as bloody bias.
well, i bet lots of these kind of things happen elsewhere.
but please, you have a professional job with good brain, having a master, PhD, but why your attitude like a WHORE? BITCH? TWAT? SLUT?
sial. cibai. babi.

okay, bye!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


then to the assignments.
then i don't know how to start to write this entry.
next thing, i don't even know what i'm trying to do.
what i'm thinking about.
only one thing right now, yes one thing.
i really wanna cry with no reason.
i've seen lots of people with chutzpah.
and one more thing.
lets create a rumpus!
okay then, am going to toilet to cry out loud.
okay, BYE!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

punch me.

she is trying to fix everything.
well, people usually judge on the physical appearance.
but they are hardly to see the exterior nook.

i heard this a lot.
she is so arrogant. i hate to see her face.
i will probably punch her face.

I, on the other hand, really don't mind about other first physical judgement.
feel free to say anything about me because i know what I'm doing.
and yes, i'm really tired to see this kind of people.
they are never satisfied with people. ABSO-FREAK-ING-LUTE-LY.

I'm on my way to remove and blocks so-called friends on Facebook.
i have lots of friends on FB, but how many of them are truly friend?
only a few of them and other, i called backstabbing and anons.
Good luck, lil self.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Dear Old People,

Difficulties with the elder. 

-you are incessantly blabbing and talk something that i already knew.

-you always make a comparison between your decade/century/era and with my decade/century/era or what so ever. hello, baby boomer! i know what I'm doing and please, please just shut that fucking mouth. GRRR...

-you think you know lotsa things. but apparently, you knew nothing. so you think you had experienced enough to give the greatest advise, but somehow, "is it the best advise in your mind right now??!the best that you can give??!"

-you want a respect. but how come i will respect you if you don't have a job, rely on your wife for every single things, drunk here-and-there, wasting money, ignore your family! okay, i should not give a respect! not at all. GAHHHH.

p/s: please change. please. this is for your own good sake. you know, you will die soon. use the time wisely, start to appreciate people around you and stop behaving like you are the youth.

i will old but not now,

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


word of this month. BABI.
the definition? well, ask GOOGLE. its know better.

-when you are about to cross the road, and the car comes. you wait and wait because it getting closer, and all of sudden, that fucking car turn left/right without giving any signal. then i say BABI.

-when you are thinking to take a short semester and you will be stranded here for about seven months. this is not cool at all. and then the 'B' words come out.

-when you are extremely excited to go back home during Chinese New Year. check the tickets out, then you found out the prices far too expensive. what the hell?! its MORE THAN RM1000. and once again i say BABI.

-cancel to go back home and this time fucking BABI again.

-and when you are here, you meet sort of BABI's behaviors then i utter it again, BABI.

-what about tomorrow? is there any BABI? we'll see. 


we've been created lots of event here-and-there.
and what about.

sometimes, silent is better.

i try...

Saturday, January 8, 2011


you might wanna know more about me.
but i always hiding something because, not everything you will tell others.
in every single life of human, they have a lil dirty secret.
they never reveal it.
but soon, when the time has come, you need to let the others know about that.

and so am i...
i will tell you whenever I'm ready.
this i promise you.

Friday, January 7, 2011


i wake up every morning not to impress you.
and today, i woke up early than usual and i found out something.
*i had a strong feeling to kiss a Superman. 

Good Morning human, especially Superman! :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

the F.

Fix me. I am kaput.
Life will be better if we keep fix up and fuck up.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

look up.

i don't know what i want.
and please stop asking me.
i try to fix up something.
and i know you don't have the instrument that i needed.
so, lets handle our own business.

i should lounging in the garden and staring at the green things to find peacefulness.
green is great. and blue is wondrous. both up and down, and i'm in the middle like a rainbow.
i full of colors yet also remarking of trouble and happiness.
one thing that i know and we absolutely need for, is don't give up.

...and i am trying.


not all about us we shared with others.
and we have our own secrets that not to reveal.
and today, i feel like to share something.

*I believe I'll grow moustache and beard here. I feel old at 21 years old.


some say life without a problem is worthless
some say life without a problem driving 'em crazy
and i say, life with problem is making me stumble yet feeling old.

this is not a good beginning.
and i hope the ending will be great.
who's like the sadden ending?nobody. unless you feel so happy seeing somebody flood with tears.

lots of thing inside my mind.
Is it okay if i give my problem to you to solve it, especially those who say life without a problem is worthless?

Monday, January 3, 2011


i guess this is my last day at home. tomorrow will be another day and yet the hardest day.
i will breathe for another atmosphere.
well, apparently it is so difficult to say good bye.
but i reckon i love to utter good bye, because one day we are all leaving.
by hook or by crook, yes, you'll be gone.

for the new year resolution: i wanna be fine and i wanna be strong.
i don't need superman, but he'll need me more. trust me :)


something was terribly happened today.
and i have to delete all the previous entries.

nice, just nice.
you just fucked all the things up!