Friday, January 21, 2011



there are so much funny things about human.
the one who always make a stupid jokes and you laugh.
and the worst case of joke ever, you never laugh and you don't even think it's kinda amusing.
that is totally sad when you are the only one who blinking alone. LOL.

i'd have noticed since last year when my BM's teacher requested to be a friend on FB.
and until now i haven't approved him yet. and most probably i won't approve him.
i don't even hate him. but i found out he kinds of pffftttt....!
okay, enough for that and no wonder i got B3 for my BM. 
Thank you. but i love your single words. you such a talented teacher and your lexis far too high.
that's the reason i always skipped your class. because i don't know what are you talking about.

and last semester, OMFG, i met lectures which is considering as bloody bias.
well, i bet lots of these kind of things happen elsewhere.
but please, you have a professional job with good brain, having a master, PhD, but why your attitude like a WHORE? BITCH? TWAT? SLUT?
sial. cibai. babi.

okay, bye!

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