Thursday, February 3, 2011


i rarely updating my Facebook status.
and tonight, i eagerly to see everything inside there.
how's my friend's life?how's they look after we haven't met for a long time.
and surprisingly, most of them had changed.
their style especially. i know her as a nerd, wearing a big and thick spectacles.
and now, she looks really beautiful and it ain't enough to see only a glance.
and the boy. he was so shy and he didn't approach any girl at school.
but now, he's totally different. he got girlfriend, and way too many changes on his style.
i was amused by seeing all the pictures and also status.

it is kinda weird all these things happened so fast.
and then i realized, i was in 2011. Am not in year 2000 anymore.
people change. and so do i.
we couldn't see our changes, but others might tell this.

*thanks for the existing of Facebook. i won't recognize my friends without you!

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