Tuesday, March 22, 2011


They watching. I know this. They talking. I know this. They damning. I know this.

I just know. This is the problem having Facebook. People can be the best stalker. They posted something which so-called stupid things. But i don't mind about that. The matter is when you are acting like a pseudo. Fuck you bitch. The most Fuck-est ever when you woke up early in the morning, just finished sipping nescafe, and then you read the notifications. So you really wanna know what she wrote about and all of sudden, her conversation  out of topic and she's been acting like a busybody there. Mind your own business. I was joining FB not to have a big fight but this is not the very first time. So i guess, you'd better not to interfere my life. Oh howdy, is it end of your world? I feel like whacking you in your face and slicing your toes. Your stupidity is vividly can be seen by others too. Please act based on your age, would you?

Enough said. Back to the nescafe thingy: to stay up late just for finishing website and report I hope Mr. Bemen is sitting right beside me.

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