Saturday, March 12, 2011


Mom, would you bank in sum money to me?
Because the standard of living here is far too high.
Even the vanilla/chocolate/corn flavors of Gardenia is RM1.70
And the CLEO mag is RM7.++
And NST paper is RM1 or 2.++
"They" double up all the things here!
I couldn't focus on my study without all these things!
Everything is about money! You know right? :p
And mom, not to forget that i always spend my money on fast food too!
Because I'm sick of taugeh, fried chicken and nasi keras!
If i throw away that rice to the dogs, they probably faint for five years!
Trust me mom, I'm not good in lying. (bullshit)

okay, that's all i guess. because i know you will gimme a size 6 shoes of yours later on.

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