Friday, April 8, 2011


I woke up far too early this morning and clean up pretty well to attend a special event. I was sitting next to  a window in a bus and was seeing outside view. People droves  in and out and honked their cars when they bumped into each other.  The only thing that really piques my interest is the middle age woman who was sweeping the road. She looked so tired even in the early morning or was she probably feel sleepy? But who knows? I looked at her and was wondering about my own future? Am I gonna be like her? Am I gonna have a car? Am I gonna have a house? Am I gonna have a stable job? Am  I have the all these things to repay my mom kindness? My mind is about to burst whilst thinking of these. So i left these questions, unanswered. If I only knew my own future, it's simply easy huh? But no one knows about their future and yeah, right now i feel so afraid about everything. "Having degree is not a bonus anymore. You need to step further , a million further than others."--

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