Sunday, April 3, 2011

King's Speech.

Just because the internet was supermanly and batmanly fast, then i browsed a free-site-of-movie.
and i saw this movie.
I know i kinda wussy.
Just finished watching The King's Speech.
and trust me, this movie is worth to watch and yes, thousand stars for you.
Splendid and you'll learn more about uttering speech, specifically for stammerer.
Oh, tomorrow will be my public-speaking-assessment.
and yeah, i desperately need Lionel.


H. said...

Apa web?

zahra. said...

feel free to download :)

inspirasi arjuna said...

filem nie tersangt la best sehinggakan ak menonton cerita ini sebelom dia mng grammy award dan menjadi saingan hebat filem 127 hours....

zahra. said...


kan kan kan?

haven't watched 127 hours yet but will do so :)