Friday, April 22, 2011


One thing that we shouldn't reveal to the public that is the real-you. Some of us really love to say good about their family, wealth and they never talk about their vexed. I'm sure we all have the so-called predicaments in life. It's okay not to tell anyone but just don't make up a story. Just enough with those fairytale. You can't change anything by doing so. Btw, don't you think Coffee Bean is a nice place to have giddiest talk with friends? Dear Husna Ahmad and Iekah Nasir, we should hang out there and soak up the caffeine.


H. said...

Takmampu oii.


zahra. said...


cheaper than Starbucks. We'll go there!

H. said...


Demm patotlah ramai gila kat Kofibin QB.

zahra. said...

Yes baby! Lets go there.