Sunday, May 1, 2011


Too many funny things came out of the closet recently and one of the best when strangers poked you. Way too many to describe each of them. The most obvious is when an anon from Twitter started calling you angel. Oh my god, am I your angel or do you mean another angle of angel? Seriously man, I'm not on the Tweet tweet to entertain you. Its the best place for me to express how I feel about certain things. It's my twitter, I entered my own email and my password, so let me decide what should I wrote, okay? And what's the hell with the angel? Oh come on, please don't be such dramatic because I'm about to hurl when you call me like that. Stop acting like you know everything about me because the truth is, I'm the one who should know everything about you. Remember, I'm your angel. The most unacceptable thing is whenever you message me and I refused to reply, then you act like a stray dog looking for foods. Get a life dude. Ketiak-lu-busuk-ingat-sikit-okay! Think I should face the comeuppance. Block or remove?
Seriously you need a sedative to ease off. Don't you have another thing to do? Why don't you be like them. Live to eat. Power-madness. Magician-Salem. They far worth for me! Ain't you, you smelly armpit! 
 From the left: Mother-power-madness and Not-Sabrina-but-Salem.
*Please don't get mad. I love you guys <3*


H. said...

Ai nampak cantiklah dalam gambar ni !

Ouhh please you ada peminat misteri. He must have been blind HAHA.

zahra. said...


but i don't want smelly armpit! HAHA :D

bukan u mmg dah cantik ke? *mata keatas,tangan ke dada*