Tuesday, January 11, 2011


word of this month. BABI.
the definition? well, ask GOOGLE. its know better.

-when you are about to cross the road, and the car comes. you wait and wait because it getting closer, and all of sudden, that fucking car turn left/right without giving any signal. then i say BABI.

-when you are thinking to take a short semester and you will be stranded here for about seven months. this is not cool at all. and then the 'B' words come out.

-when you are extremely excited to go back home during Chinese New Year. check the tickets out, then you found out the prices far too expensive. what the hell?! its MORE THAN RM1000. and once again i say BABI.

-cancel to go back home and this time fucking BABI again.

-and when you are here, you meet sort of BABI's behaviors then i utter it again, BABI.

-what about tomorrow? is there any BABI? we'll see. 


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babi sounds better :)