Friday, January 14, 2011


Dear Old People,

Difficulties with the elder. 

-you are incessantly blabbing and talk something that i already knew.

-you always make a comparison between your decade/century/era and with my decade/century/era or what so ever. hello, baby boomer! i know what I'm doing and please, please just shut that fucking mouth. GRRR...

-you think you know lotsa things. but apparently, you knew nothing. so you think you had experienced enough to give the greatest advise, but somehow, "is it the best advise in your mind right now??!the best that you can give??!"

-you want a respect. but how come i will respect you if you don't have a job, rely on your wife for every single things, drunk here-and-there, wasting money, ignore your family! okay, i should not give a respect! not at all. GAHHHH.

p/s: please change. please. this is for your own good sake. you know, you will die soon. use the time wisely, start to appreciate people around you and stop behaving like you are the youth.

i will old but not now,


Anak Kampung said...

oke, i'm tryin'

zahra. said...


why you always make me smile alone?