Sunday, January 16, 2011

punch me.

she is trying to fix everything.
well, people usually judge on the physical appearance.
but they are hardly to see the exterior nook.

i heard this a lot.
she is so arrogant. i hate to see her face.
i will probably punch her face.

I, on the other hand, really don't mind about other first physical judgement.
feel free to say anything about me because i know what I'm doing.
and yes, i'm really tired to see this kind of people.
they are never satisfied with people. ABSO-FREAK-ING-LUTE-LY.

I'm on my way to remove and blocks so-called friends on Facebook.
i have lots of friends on FB, but how many of them are truly friend?
only a few of them and other, i called backstabbing and anons.
Good luck, lil self.


H. said...

You must have 700++ friends in your list.

iekah said...

remove ! remove !
pasni makan besarrr.


zahra. said...

H: haaa...i should have LIKE acc. LOL.

iekah: hahaha...u belanja! :)