Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I don't know where this allergic coming from but seriously, i've been acting like a monkey in a exam hall. The worst case scenario taken place at the DK1 where no electricity! Ain't no air-con and i was scratching here-and-there. Exam started at 11am-1pm and apparently i took about an hour to answer those questions. The allergic won't allowed you to stay longer there! You stood up and walked away and acting like you're the A's student. What the jerkoff. Scratching like a monkey is not cool. Next paper at 2.30pm- 5.00pm.This is the truth confession where I seriously can't answered those questions. What a shamed because you can't answer your mother tongue paper. The exam was held in Dewan Santapan and the environment was like you're about to have a candle light dinner. The questions paper was so so so thick and that was the first time i've seen the thickest  exam paper. What the jerkoff again! And yes, I can't answered 'em plus the red rashes on right hand becoming worst. Seriously I'm about to cry but i hold on that emotional feeling and tried to concentrate everything. May 26 was not a good day for me and whilst updating this blog, I'm still scratching. Why it must be happening now? Next paper is on 29! Fackyew fackyew fackyew.


H. said...

Dalam dewan makan pon boleh buat exam ke?

Sapu ubat kak.

zahra. said...


Biasala adek, uni kami ni kecik. tunggu dewan baru nak siap nth bila la.

will do :)