Thursday, May 5, 2011


Tomorrow is SSF 1083 paper. It's all about penis, vagina, man, woman, transvestite, poverty and bla bla bla. This is one of my favorite subjects but fuck the carry mark's given. Too lowest among the lowest i guess.  I reckon I'm writing more about my theories rather than dead-men theories. Fuck theory at this moment. Next paper is such a killer, SSF 1093 which is STATISTIC. What the actual fuck. Calculator is my best friend starting tomorrow. Gimme some light, and please don't bedazzling me with the super-duper difficult questions. I can't endure this alone unless Dr. Goy sitting besides me. Fuck calculation fuck numbers fuck mathematicians. After 1093, then i can breath like normal people, like normal me. Oh damn, i just can't wait for the penis paper but fuck the statistic. Too much fuck i guess, enough.

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