Tuesday, May 31, 2011

alone is alright.

I was sitting alone in three rows seat. Five minutes of waiting and I've been wondering whose a person gonna seat beside me. There she is, a middle age Chinese woman. She's so pretty in her age and wait, she was holding her husband's hand firmly. Oh, I wish I was holding my husband hand too. We seat there for two hours journey. She was asking me, are you alone? And i said yes. Her grimaced resembles thousand meanings. Then she asked, don't you feel scare boarding on airplane alone? And I said No. She asked, are you often alone? And I replied Yes. She is very nice and I really wanna meet you again aunt. The reason why I'm always alone is because i don't have to think about anything and whatnot. It's good to be alone sometime.


Anak Kampung said...

ajak la kawan LO ko teman...lalalalla

zahra. said...


Gosh, I got the best friend, ever! GRRR.... :/