Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Howdy people! It's 2 in the morning here and my eyes are widely open. I've been "fasting" from taking coffee for three weeks or more and I guess I need Mr. Coffee again. I'll start working tomorrow and yes I haven't slept yet.  At certain point, I really love the job that I've been working on but sometime, it's not easy to accept all the scenario inside. Its a bedlam for me. But i do enjoy with all the colleagues. I shouldn't complain more about this. The most important thing is, I will learn new thing and meet up new people. Yeay, that's fun! My provisional result already released and thanks to Allah, i enhanced a lot this time. No more repeat paper. Enough with the past experience. It hurts too much tho. I hope all of my friends there got better than me. Dear Steff, Azi, Hazz, D, Iekah, Afif, Luqman, Yahya, Pukek Babak* , we'll strike spree to get the best result for next semester.InsyaAllah.


Anak Kampung said...

the color of the rainbow..:)

zahra. said...


Yeah D :)