Saturday, June 4, 2011


Things would be easy to settle in if you got the power, status and money. As Jessi J mentioned in her song, "Money can't buy your happiness", I have to oppose those line. Money does buy happiness, just saying. Just imagine you're selling your kidney for ipad2? Gosh, come on. What happen to these people? Don't you have brain to think? Risk your own life for that thing?! Is it worth to do so? Thus don't you think if you got the money, these people won't do so. Okay, enough with those murmuring (Updating blog in my sleep). Work stuff getting corny and lousy to do. I am absolutely have no idea why I've become like this! I should perform well. Too many things I wanna buy.So that I don't have to sacrifice my kidney. Hello June, please bejesus me. Sorry for the hiatus in negative mood. I'll make sure everything will be okay.

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