Monday, August 15, 2011


Let's wash your filthy mind.

You can't bear with someone bought a cloth from a night market because you assumed that was a cheapy thing. You won't bring your handbag if you found somebody was using the same one, because you thought yours is original but hers the fake one. Have you fucking lost your mind? I fucking hate you and please don't make a comparison. She doesn't use your money to buy anything that she wanted. She doesn't get an allergic by using something fake. And please stop making a stupid judgement. Not a night market product such a cheapy and lousy quality. Well you should realize there's no supermarket when your mom bought a t-shirt for you when you were young. There's no branded thingy to be sold here and you wore such a cheapy thing also. Think of it and please everything you have are temporary. So stop bragging around. There's nothing to be proud of. Why am I saying this? Because most of you, you and you are splurge on something without thinking twice. 


nabilarazak said...
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nabilarazak said...

i used to be this kind of filthy animal once... am not proud of it

H. said...

I pakai baju bundle je.

zahra. said...


We learned through mistakes.


Tipu! :p