Sunday, August 14, 2011


As promised :

List out 10 fave dishes on Raya's Day :
-Almond London
-My mom's Soto. The best food bar none.
-Chocolate cake
-My neighbour's Nasi Briyani
-My neighbour's Cappati
That's all i can think of. Never likey kuih coz I easily get bloated :)

Raya's night experience :
Well usually me and siblings will spruce up the house especially the living room. I've been ordered to clean the windows. That's what I always wanted to do. Then, change the curtains and I fucking hate it cause my hands will get a cramp or something. Oh last but not least, put all the not-home-made kuih in a pretty cute jars. I'm sure you guys will do the same thing. Nothing so special to be shared, just simply a fun night with the family ;)

Being tagged by D, my favorite buddy. Thankies.

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