Sunday, October 30, 2011

Can't have him back

I brim with tears after reminiscing all memories. God always give you the best but you never know how to prize it. I miss my late father, the only hero in family is now gone. I never get him back. He's no longer here. All i can do is pray. Dear dad, I will follow you one day. I want hug you tightly and hold your hand firmly. I will love you more than I love myself. I am awfully sorry for being stubborn daughter when you were around. I still remember that day when I pee-peed in my pant after you mad and scolded at me. I was scared that moment. Word hurts you know. It still lingering on my mind when you entered the boudoir and gave us (me and sissy) hugs and peck on our forehead. I know you kinda hot-tempered dad, but deep inside you were such amazing dad. I am truly sorry for misjudging you. I am sorry and we'll meet soon. I love you dad.

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